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Lexmark Forms Printer 2581+

Lexmark Forms Printer 2581+

The wrong hole punch feature is shown as installed

What you will see

A 2/3-hole punch finisher option is showing as a 2/4-hole punch finisher in the printer menus.or A 2/4-hole punch finisher option is showing as a 2/3-hole punch finisher in the menus.


As two types of finisher option are available for these printers, a situation may arise where the printer thinks the wrong type of finisher is installed. Although this can cause some confusion, it will not affect the functionality of the printer or impact on any of the 'hole punch' options and features. You can continue to use the printer and the finisher option as you normally would.


A .pjl file can be copied to the printer to correct this issue.

Determine thetype of finisher type and download the corresponding .zip file:

2/3-hole punch finisher option -

2/4-hole punch finisher option -

Copying the .pjl file to the printer

  1. Once you have downloaded the file, extract the .zip to extract the .pjl file. Choose and an easy-to-locate directory, i.e., Desktop.

  2. Flash the file to the printer. Select the flash method based on whether the printer is connected locally or over the network.

Flash method for network-attached printers:

Flash methods for locally attached printers:


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