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Lexmark Forms Printer 2580+

Lexmark Forms Printer 2580+

Lexmark 25xx+ Forms (Dot Matrix) Printer: Windows 10 Is Unable to Recognize the USB Device

Affected products



in the title section above.

Additional specifications for the products that are affected:

  • Product Type:

    Dot Matrix Printers

  • Product Model(s):


    xy- 1zz

  • Last production year:



Identification of the affected products can also be determined from the

Power Rating Label on the rear of the machine which has the word ' Type:'. Another way of identifying the affected products is through the power switch, which the 25

xy- 1zz

printers have on the right rear panel of the machine, whereas the 25

xy- 5zz

printers do not.

Issue description

Users are experiencing incompatibilities when:

  • Upgrading workstations to Windows 10
  • Installing new workstations with Windows 10 already installed
  • Attempting to connect to earlier (pre-2011) versions of Lexmark Dot Matrix Printers (2500 series).

A ' Warning: USB device not recognized.' message also appears on their workstations.

Depending on the hardware configuration of the workstation's internal USB hub, Windows 10 will not enumerate the USB port associated with the Lexmark printer.

This issue does not affect later versions of the Lexmark product (Models


xy- 5zz



There is currently no solution for this issue.

There have been no reports of connectivity problems with Windows 10 and either the parallel or network attached versions of the Lexmark 2500 series (any model).

Additional information

If you have any questions or encounter problems when performing the steps above, please contact your next level of support ( L2 or L3) for additional troubleshooting.

Please be prepared to describe the problem you are experiencing, the error message on the display, and the troubleshooting steps you performed.


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