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Lexmark Forms Printer 2591

Lexmark Forms Printer 2591

Publishing Platform for Retail app‑specific escalation requirements

Before proceeding with these requirements, make sure that the Enterprise solution primary escalation requirements is already gathered.


  • Always ask for the exact steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Print issues
    • How many stores are affected?
    • What’s the expected/unexpected output? (capture screen shot)
    • Any error messages along with the unexpected print? (capture screen shot if it has error)
    • StoreID of affected store
    • Ask for Batch ID (capture screenshot)
    • Ask for Batch Name (capture screenshot)
    • Check how the batch been created or who created the batch
    • Ask for template name if possible
    • Try to print it output on PDF and capture the result
    • If it’s only for specific sign, ask for the exact name of sign
    • Get SIID from sign if possible
  • Number of copies shows zero and not able to print it.
    • Ask for specific batch
    • Ask how the batch been created then check why the others are showing the number of copies and the one reported show’s zero.
    • Capture the specific batchID
    • Capture the specific batchName
    • Capture the StoreID of affected store
  • Request to modify or update a template
    • Ask for the exact template name that needs to be modified
    • Ask for a sample of the template that they expect

Print Control Issue


• InternetExplorer uses v9.5 & below (activeX control). • GoogleChrome uses v9.6 & above (Lexmark Publishing Platform Control service).

Uses v9.5 & below.

  • Make sure they have already added the PPR on browser as trusted site / Compatibility View Settings.

  • If print control uses ActiveXcontrol (v9.5 and below), Make sure its enabled and present on Browsers Add-ons

Uses v9.6 & above.

  • Make sure that Lexmark Print service is running and shows in system tray

  • Any error messages along when printing? (capture screenshot if it has an error)

    • Check if error happens only on specific batch

    • Ask for Batch ID (capture screenshot)

    • Ask for Batch Name (capture screenshot)

  • Capture print control logs.
    Make sure to set the log Level to Information then reproduce the issue.

    • Advanced

      > Network Setup > Log Level > View

  • Capture also the event viewer logs from the application server.

For PPR Cloud Customers:

  • Request to process uploaded file on FTP

    • Verify the files present on customers FTP site

    • Verify to the customer if it’s for staging/production

    • Inform L3/Cloud retail that customer got a request to process uploaded files on ftp.

Publishing Platform Manager:

  • Request to restore deleted batches

    • Verify if its only for specific store or all stores

    • Capture the exact batchname

    • Capture the exact batchID

    • From what store the batch been deleted?

  • Request to distribute a batch from one store another

    • Capture the store number where the batch will be distributed

    • Capture the exact batchname

    • Capture the exact batchID

  • FOR PPR CLOUD: Customers didn’t get (something) that they expected:

    • e.g. CSV Report

    • e.g. Vestcom FTP file

    • e.g. Rexall Distribution

    • Different customers have a variety of items

      • Ask what they expect to get and Documents necessary information and always check with L3 for assistance


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