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Lexmark Forms Printer 2591

Lexmark Forms Printer 2591

Lexmark Remote Asset Manager data points additional escalation requirements

Additional requirements

Before proceeding, make sure to fill out the Main escalation information requirement and gather the Lexmark Fleet Manager primary escalation requirements.

LFT Data Collector Lexmark Remote Asset Manager (LRAM) Escalation Checklist

Requirement and relevanceHow to obtain

LRAM log file

Useful for understanding problematic behavior

  1. Access the LRAM web user interface..

  2. Navigate to Tools > Logging Level and set it to Verbose. Then click Save.

  3. After replicating the issue, click again on Tools> Export Diagnostics. It will then create a zipped file.

  4. To manually get the file, access the server where LRAM is installed and go to C:\Program Files\Lexmark\Lexmark Remote Asset Manager\logs. Zipped the log folder.

Screen capture

Provides overview of the problematic behavior

Use the ALT + Print Screen feature in windows or any screen capture utility available.

Installation path of LRAM

The default path for LSM is C:\Program Files\Lexmark\LSM.


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