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Lexmark Forms Printer 2581n+

Lexmark Forms Printer 2581n+

Lexmark 25xx+ Forms (Dot Matrix) Printer ? How to Properly Install the Ribbon Cartridge and Carrier Unit


This document describes the proper way of installing a replacement ribbon cartridge in the Lexmark 258x+ & 259x+ Forms printer models.

In some cases, incorrect fitting of the cartridge may result in the carrier unit being dislodged. Should this happen, the subsequent procedure describes how to re-seat the carrier unit.

How to remove and replace the ribbon cartridge


Lift the left and right release latches on the ribbon access cover to remove it. Place the ribbon access cover on a flat surface.


Squeeze the left and right latches on the ribbon cartridge to lift it out of the printer.


Place the new ribbon cartridge on top of the carrier unit.


Turn the ribbon advance knob and make sure that the ribbon is not caught in the carrier unit.


Squeeze the ribbon cartridge's left and right latches and then press them down evenly on both sides. Ensure that the cartridge is seated firmly.

The video below will demonstrate the proper installation of the ribbon cartridge.


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How to Fix a Dislodged Carrier Unit

Follow the procedure below to reinstall the carrier unit in the event that it has been dislodged, (such as shown in the image below).

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StepActionClick Image to Enlarge
1Using your left and right index fingers, press the retaining clips on both sides of the carrier unit.
2Check the retaining clips on the left and right-hand side of the carrier unit and make sure that they are seated firmly on the carriage.

The side view of a fully installed carrier unit should look as in the right-hand image.

Watch a quick demonstration of the above steps by playing the video below.

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Still need help?

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When calling for support, you will need your printer model/machine type and serial number (SN). If you need help locating these, How to Locate the Serial Number on a Lexmark 24xx/25xx/25xx+ Series Forms (Dot Matrix) Printer.

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