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Lexmark Forms Printer 2581n+

Lexmark Forms Printer 2581n+

Location of the power switch


Lexmark made some changes regarding the power switch of the new Lexmark 2580+, 2581+, 2590+, 2591+ Dot Matrix or Impact Printers. These printers automatically power up once plugged into a power source. This document points the button used to power down these machines.

New power button

In order to meet some requirements in energy regulations, the new Lexmark 2500+ Dot Matrix printers do not come with a power switch by design.

In these models, the Start/Stop (green) button on the front panel basically functions as the power switch. See the following front panel illustration.

The printer’s Start/Stop button serves as the new power switch. The printer is in Ready mode if the Power LED is green. On the other hand, an orange/amber color represents the printer in power down mode.

To power down the printer, simply hold the Start/Stop button for five seconds. In actuality the printer will still have one LED lit which is an orange/amber color. The printer in this mode is consuming less than (<) 1/2 watt of power.


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