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Lexmark X364

Lexmark X364

Unable to send a fax cover page from the computer

Issue description

Fax cover page is not printing when Always display settings prior to faxing is selected or enabled when printing from a 32-bit application installed on a 64-bit operating system.

Normally, when a fax cover page is enabled, the cover page is drawn from the driver during printing and the additional page is added to the print data.

However, in the case of a 32-bit app, this process is dependent upon the Microsoft core driver that receives GDI calls to create the additional page, and the Microsoft core driver generates postscript data based on those GDI calls.

But when a GDI call 'start page' on Microsoft provided HDC (printer device context) is made, it returns an invalid handle error when printing from a 32-bit app in 64-bit OS.


  1. This issue is fixed in UPD v2.14 which is shceduled to be released on the early first quarter of 2019. Download and install the Lexmark UPD PS3 v2.12.0.4 Microsoft certified driver only if it is really needed.

    Note:  This driver is English only. If you require this functionality and you are using a non-English version of the operating system, then please contact Lexmark Technical Support for further assistance.

  2. Turn OFF Always display settings prior to faxing.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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