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Lexmark X364

Lexmark X364

How to Reset the Photoconductor Page Count on a Lexmark X26x and X36x Series Printer


Whenever you install a new photoconductor unit, you must also reset the page count on the unit. Otherwise, the MFP will not register the photoconductor replacement. Instead, it will record the old photoconductor unit as still being installed on the device. Therefore, once the photoconductor page count reaches a certain point, the MFP will stop printing and display a 'photoconductor exhausted' message. This can occur even after installation of a brand-new photoconductor unit unless the page count is reset at the time the new unit is installed.

IMPORTANT! Failure to reset this counter will lead to various errors displayed on the printer.

Included Printers

This article pertains to the following printers:

  • X26x Mono Laser Series
  • X36x Mono Laser Series

The x - denotes multiple model numbers that range within a specific model group.

To reset the photoconductor page count:

IMPORTANT! The photoconductor page count should be reset only when a brand-new photoconductor kit is installed. Resetting the page count without replacing the photoconductor kit could cause the photoconductor to operate beyond its intended life and create print quality issues or possibly damage the printer.

1Power off the MFP.
2Press and hold both the
below the display panel.

Power on the MFP while keeping both of these buttons held down. Keep both buttons held down as the printer boots up until 'Performing Self Test' displays. At this point, let go of the buttons.

This may take up to one minute. A new menu should appear: the Configuration Menu. If it does not display, please repeat the steps above.


To navigate through the menu options, use the

, then press
to select the Reset PC Count. It should reset the PC counter.

The reset photoconductor counter clears any warnings or 'photoconductor exhausted' messages. This operation should be performed only after a new photoconductor unit has been installed.


To exit from the Configuration Menu, select

to return to the root menu. Press
until Exit Config Menu item is displayed; press
to exit the Configuration Menu. The MFP will restart and return to its regular printing mode.

Alternatively, you can choose to exit the Configuration Menu by powering off the MFP and letting it sit for ten seconds. Then power the MFP on again as you normally would; i.e., without holding down any buttons.

Still Need Help

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for additional assistance. When calling for service you will need to know your printer model type and serial number (SN). If you need help locating these, please xref_HO3427_xref.

Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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