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Lexmark X364

Lexmark X364

What's New in LDD and LPM Support for New 2016 Color Printers and MFPs

What's new in LDD

Support added for:

  • Microsoft® Windows 10 client software compatibility

  • Lexmark CS720, CS725, CS820 printer compatibility

  • Lexmark CX725, CX820, CX825 multifunction products (MFP) compatibility
    Requires firmware EC0 (FW2) or later

Additions or refinements to software architecture, to include:

  • Added Lexmark's Common Device Communication Layer (CDCL) web app for new device control, which is similar to what is found in Markvision Enterprise (MVE)

  • Updated Tomcat support

  • LDD tomcat log files:

    • .\Solutions\tomcat\logs\lsas.log -- Unchanged from previous LDD versions logs. This is where LDD logs its data and where data will continue to be logged for non-eTask5 deployment issues.

    • .\Solutions\tomcat\logs\cdcl_wrapper.log -- New to LDD This is where the new ".\Solutions\apps\cdcl-rest-wrapper" device communication web app with the CDCL library logs its data. All device discovery and deployment data for 2016 color products (eSF v5) is written here.

Version of Apache and Tomcat being used in LDD Apache Version: 2.4.17 OpenSSL Version: 1.0.1p ApacheTomcat: 7.0.65 Java: 7u55

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