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Smart Card Authentication

Smart Card Authentication

Using caps-lock to input non-alphanumeric characters or passwords result in a login failure

Issue description

Engaging the Caps-lock button no longer allows entry of a non-alphanumeric password and results in an Authentication failed message when you attempt to manually log into the MFP. This is occurring on SCAC-enabled MFPs with badge readers.

Affected products

This issue was first identified on a Lexmark MX711 MFP; however, any device with a 7" inch display with firmware (FW) LW61.xx7.P643, or later, will behave in a similar fashion.


To resolve this issue, make sure to update the printer firmware to the latest version. Please refer to the Firmware Update Instructions for steps in updating the printer firmware.


This original design was modified starting with EC6 (.P643) due to concerns over security vulnerabilities. Login with your badge (smart card), or use the Shift button instead of Caps-lock to enter non-alphanumeric characters

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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