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Smart Card Authentication

Smart Card Authentication

Smart Card Reader driver and firmware requirements


This article lists the supported smart card reader for the Lexmark printers.

Identive Cloud 2700 Smart Card Reader

The new Identive Cloud 2700 smart card reader requires card driver version 1.3.1 (or higher) and at least an EC3 firmware level.

See xref_downloading-the-printer-firmware-topic_xref to view steps on how to check, download and install the printer firmware.

Here is the list of printers that support Identive Cloud 2700:


MS610, MS810, MS812, MS911, MX410, MX51x, MX61x, MX6500, MX71x, MX81x, MX91x

Color:CS510, CX510

An x denotes any number within a given printer model series.

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SCR331 USB Smart Card Reader

The SCR331 USB smart card reader is supported on all Lexmark printer models.

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If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.

Part numbers

Use the appropriate part number below when replacing card reader:

  • 40X9879 – Identive Cloud 2700F reader
  • 40X6963 – SCR 331
  • 40X8737 – OmniKey 5427 CK

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Additional information may be requested by the support agent.


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