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Lexmark X852

Lexmark X852

How to add a cover page to the booklet using a UPD in Microsoft Windows


This article provides instructions on how to configure the PostScript UPD for printing a booklet cover.

Creating a Booklet Cover

Options include printing on the front, back, outside and inside of a booklet cover. You can also select your tray source and paper type for optimal performance and control.

Follow these steps in succession:

  1. Click on Edit Settings under Booklet, which is under Layout > Page Layouts. If unsure how to get to this point, refer to this “How to Print a Booklet Using the PostScript Driver on a Laser Printer”.

  2. Under Booklet Settings,modify the following settings as needed:

    • Create a booklet cover (Checkmark to activate) ‑ Print on...
      • Outside front cover
      • Inside front cover
      • Outside back cover
      • Insider back cover
    • Binding edge: Left or Right
    • Sheets per bundle: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,16, Maximum
    • Print foldmark
    • Maintain original page size on the booklet page
    • Maintain original page size on the booklet page
    • Paper type
    • Note:  Avoid selection of these paper types since these paper types can cause paper jams, printing anomalies, or lead to other various user-intervention scenarios.

    • Paper source/tray
  3. Click OK.

  4. Return to the Paper/Finishing tab and select the remaining page features for your booklet:

    • Paper size – For example, select 'Letter' if you are printing a booklet on Tabloid paper (11 X 17).
    • Paper type
    • Finishing options such as Output Bin, Offset, Fold and Staple
  5. Lastly, if using the PostScript version of the UPD, click on Other Options.

  6. Place a check next to Generate PostScript in driver then click OK.

Embedded Web Server (EWS) tray configuration settings

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