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Lexmark X852

Lexmark X852

Scan log displays a Scan‑to‑Email failed message

Issue description

Intermittent Scan-to-E-mail failure. Issues may appear as:

  • Scan Log displays a scan-to-e-mail failed message.
  • SMTP gateway (e-mail server) has file size restrictions for policy reasons or other.
  • The Mail Server Response on the Scan Log may specify a File Size Error message.NOTE: The actual error message varies and is dependent upon individual configuration preferences.
  • The e-mail server may respond with a file size error message.


Decrease the max file size on the MFP. This setting helps respect your e-mail file size policy.

  1. Open the MFP embedded web server. e.g., http://MFP_IP_Address, where IP Address is the individual TCP/IP address of the MFP.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click on E-mail/FTP settings.

  4. Click on E-mail settings.

  5. Specify the Max E-mail Size in KB.

  6. Enter a Size Error Message; e.g., the file's size exceeds e-mail server limitations.

  7. Click Submit.

For the X64xe, X78xe X85xe, X945xe Series MFP path: Configuration > E-mail/FTP settings > E-mail Server Setup. A value of '0' means that no limit is set.


  • In order to scan to e-mail, a conversion of the scanned data must take place.
  • The scan data is converted from binary to base64.
  • The conversion increases file size by ~33%.
  • This data conversion process is reversed after receipt of the appended e-mail attachment and the file size is returned to its original file size.
  • For example, a 4000KB file will actually be sent as a ~5320KB file.


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