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Lexmark X852

Lexmark X852

Unable to downgrade code


Code may not be able to be downgraded below manufactured level. If a code level older than the manufacturing code is flashed, device may become inoperable requiring a controller board replacement.

Issue can affect devices with manufacture date of 2021 or newer. Manufacturing date is on a label inside the front door of the printer for most models. On some models, remove the tray to see the label. Device may also be affected if the components have been replaced in a service action.

Due to the worldwide shortage of integrated circuit (IC) chips caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Lexmark has had to find alternate components to continue production. Most of these hardware changes do not require special firmware. A limited number of hardware changes do require firmware changes to ensure functionality.


DO NOT downgrade the firmware as it may render your device inoperable.

Lexmark does not officially support downgrading firmware. If you choose to do so, please refer to Consequences and precautions to consider before deciding to downgrade firmware for important information. It is recommended that you contact support first so you can be advised on the necessary downgrade process.

Downgrade below Manufacturing Code Level

Manufacturing Code Level and Above

Affected Devices

Unsupported Firmware


Other Devices

Not Recommended



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