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Lexmark X642

Lexmark X642

Scan to Network Folder Custom Icon Does Not Work


On the printer’s Embedded Web Server (EWS) configuration page, Scan to Network Folder (SNF) allows you to configure the application with two possible custom control panel icons.

How to set Custom Icon and Icon When Pressed via EWS

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Open the printer’s Embedded Web Server (EWS).

http:// <MFP_IP_Address>, where <MFP_IP_Address> is the printer's IP address.

2Click Configuration or Settings, and then Embedded Solutions.
3Click on the Scan to Network (SNF) embedded solution.
4Click Configure.
5Select Custom under “Icon and Icon When Pressed”.

Click Choose File to specify the desired icon to display for each selection.

Make sure to use file size less than 11 KB to avoid errors.

7Click on Apply.

Two Possible Custom Control Panel Icons

1. Icon – The “icon” that is readily seen on the control panel.

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If the button for Scan to Network Folder has disappeared from the MFP control panel, The Button for Scan to Network has Disappeared from the MFP Control Panel.

2. Icon When Pressed – The “icon” that will appear briefly when the button is selected or touched.

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What you will see

When using SNF version 3.5.0, customizing the control panel “Icon” does not work. It will show the default icon instead of the custom selection. The “Icon When Pressed” works fine.

Incorrect DisplayCorrect Display


This concern is fixed in SNF version 3.5.5. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support to obtain the updated SNF application version.

Still need help?

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if you need additional assistance.
When calling for support, you will be asked for your machine/model type and serial number (SN).

Please call from near the printer in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task involving the printer.


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