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Mobile Print

Mobile Print

Adding photos from the camera or gallery

  1. From the Capture From section of the application home screen, do either of the following:

    • Tap Camera, take a photo, and then tap OK or .
    • Tap Photos, and then select one or more photos.

    Note:  Allow the application to access the camera and storage.

  2. If necessary, manage the photo.

    • To set the file name or output file format, tap .
    • To add pages, tap . You may add pages from the scanner, camera, or gallery.
    • To rearrange pages, drag a page to the new location.
    • To delete pages, tap on each page that you want to remove. Tap Undo to recover the deleted page.

    Note:  To undo all changes, tap   > Undo All.

  3. If necessary, edit a page of the document. Tap the page, and then do any of the following:

    • To crop a page, tap . You can crop a page by using either rectangular mode or perspective mode. In rectangular mode, the corners of the crop border remain at right angles. In perspective mode, you can drag the corners of the crop border toward different oblique angles.
    • To rotate a page clockwise, tap .
    • To increase the page clarity, tap .

    Note:  To undo the changes, tap   > Undo edits.

  4. Share or save the document.

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