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Lexmark MS312

Lexmark MS312

Confidential and other held jobs do not print

Note:  Confidential, Verify, Reserve, and Repeat print jobs may be deleted if the printer requires extra memory to process additional held jobs.


Step 1

Open the held jobs folder on the display, and then verify that your print job is listed.

Is your print job listed in the held jobs folder?

Go to step 2.

Select one of the Print and Hold options, and then resend the print job. For more information, see Storing print jobs in the printer.

Step 2

The print job may contain a formatting error or invalid data.

  • Delete the print job, and then send it again.
  • For PDF files, generate a new PDF, and then print it again.

If you are printing from the Internet, then the printer may be reading multiple job titles as duplicates and deleting all jobs except the first one.

    For Macintosh users

Save each print job, name each job differently, and then send the individual jobs to the printer.

Does the job print?

The problem is solved.

Go to step 3.

Step 3

Free up additional printer memory by deleting some of the held jobs.

Does the job print?

The problem is solved.

Add additional printer memory.

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