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Lexmark MS415

Lexmark MS415

Tips on using transparencies

  • Print a test page on the transparencies being considered for use before buying large quantities.
  • Feed transparencies from the standard tray, or the multipurpose feeder.
  • Use transparencies designed specifically for laser printers. Transparencies must be able to withstand temperatures up to 185°C (365°F) without melting, discoloring, offsetting, or releasing hazardous emissions.
  • Note:  If the transparency weight is set to Heavy and the transparency texture is set to Rough in the Paper menu, then transparencies can be printed at a temperature up to 195°C (383°F).

  • Avoid getting fingerprints on the transparencies to prevent print quality problems.
  • Before loading transparencies, flex, fan, and straighten the stack to prevent sheets from sticking together.
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