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Lexmark CS510

Lexmark CS510

Utilities menu


    Remove Held Jobs

  • Confidential
  • Held
  • Not Restored
  • All

Delete confidential and held jobs from the printer hard disk.


  • Selecting a setting affects only print jobs that are resident in the printer. Bookmarks, print jobs on flash drives, and other types of held jobs are not affected.
  • Not Restored removes all Print and Hold jobs that are not restored from the printer hard disk or memory.

    Format Flash

  • Yes
  • No

Format the flash memory.

Warning—Potential Damage:  Do not turn off the printer while the flash memory is being formatted.


  • Yes deletes all data stored in flash memory.
  • No cancels the format request.
  • Flash memory refers to the memory added by installing a flash memory card in the printer.
  • The flash memory option card must not be read/write‑ or write‑protected.
  • This menu item appears only when a non‑defective flash memory card is installed.

    Delete Downloads on Disk

  • Delete Now
  • Do Not Delete

Delete downloads from the printer hard disk, including all held jobs, buffered jobs, and parked jobs.


  • Delete Now sets the printer to delete the downloads and allows the display to return to the originating screen after the deletion.
  • Do Not Delete sets the printer display to return to the main Utilities menu for touch‑screen printer models. When selected in non‑touch‑screen printer models, Do Not Delete sets the printer to return to the originating screen after the deletion.

    Activate Hex Trace

Assist in isolating the source of a print job problem.


  • When activated, all data sent to the printer is printed in hexadecimal and character representation, and control codes are not executed.
  • To exit or deactivate Hex Trace, turn off or reset the printer.

    Coverage Estimator

  • Off
  • On

Provide an estimate of the percentage coverage of toner on a page. The estimate is printed on a separate page at the end of each print job.

Note:  Off is the factory default setting.

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