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Lexmark CS517

AppleTalk menu

Note:  This menu is available only in printer models connected to a wired network or when an optional network card is installed.

To access the menu, navigate to any of the following:

  • Network/Ports > Standard Network > Standard Network Setup > AppleTalk
  • Network/Ports > Network Setup  [x] > AppleTalk


  • Yes
  • No

Enable or disable AppleTalk support.

Note:  Yes is the factory default setting.

    View Name

Show the assigned AppleTalk name.

Note:  The name can be changed only from the Embedded Web Server.

    View Address

Show the assigned AppleTalk address.

Note:  The address can be changed only from the Embedded Web Server.

    Set Zone

  • [list of zones available on the network]

Provide a list of AppleTalk zones available on the network.

Note:  The factory default setting is the default zone for the network. If no default zone exists, then the zone marked with an asterisk (*) is the default setting.

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