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Lexmark CS510

Lexmark CS510

Storing print jobs in the printer

  1. From the home screen, navigate to:

     > Security > Confidential Print >  select a print job type



    • Confidential, Verify, Reserve, and Repeat print jobs may be deleted if the printer requires extra memory to process additional held jobs.
    • You can set the printer to store print jobs in the printer memory until you start the print job from the printer control panel.
    • All print jobs that can be initiated by the user at the printer are called held jobs.

    Max Invalid PIN

    Limit the number of times an invalid PIN can be entered.

    Note:  When the limit is reached, the print jobs for that user name and PIN are deleted.

    Confidential Job Expiration

    Hold print jobs in the computer until you enter the PIN from the printer control panel.

    Note:  The PIN is set from the computer. It must be four digits, using the numbers 0–9.

    Repeat Job Expiration

    Print and store print jobs in the printer memory.

    Verify Job Expiration

    Print one copy of a print job and hold the remaining copies. It lets you examine if the first copy is satisfactory or not. The print job is automatically deleted from the printer memory when all copies are printed.

    Reserve Job Expiration

    Store print jobs for printing at a later time.

    Note:  The print jobs are held until deleted from the Held Jobs menu.

  2. Touch .

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