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Lexmark CS410

Connecting the printer using the Wireless Setup Wizard

Before you begin, make sure that:

  • A wireless network adapter is installed in the printer and is working properly. For more information, see the instruction sheet that came with the wireless network adapter.
  • An Ethernet cable is disconnected from the printer.
  • Active NIC is set to Auto. To set this to Auto, navigate to:
  •  > Settings >  > Network/Ports >  > Active NIC >  > Auto > 

Note:  Make sure to turn off the printer, then wait for at least five seconds, and then turn the printer back on.

  1. From the printer control panel, navigate to:

     > Settings >  > Network/Ports >  > Network  [x] >  > Network  [x]  Setup >  > Wireless >  > Wireless Connection Setup > 

  2. Select a wireless connection setup.


    Search for networks

    Show available wireless connections.

    Note:  This menu item shows all broadcast secured or unsecured SSIDs.

    Enter a network name

    Manually type the SSID.

    Note:  Make sure to type the correct SSID.

    Wi‑Fi Protected Setup

    Connect the printer to a wireless network using Wi‑Fi Protected Setup.

  3. Press , and then follow the instructions on the printer display.

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