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Lexmark MX410

Lexmark MX410

Tips on using envelopes

Print samples on the envelopes being considered for use before buying large quantities.

  • Use envelopes designed specifically for laser printers. Check with the manufacturer or vendor to ensure that the envelopes can withstand temperatures up to 230°C (446°F) without sealing, wrinkling, curling excessively, or releasing hazardous emissions.
  • For best performance, use envelopes made from 90‑g/m2 (24‑lb bond) paper or 25% cotton. All‑cotton envelopes must not exceed 75‑g/m2 (20‑lb bond) weight.
  • Use only new envelopes from undamaged packages.
  • To optimize performance and minimize jams, do not use envelopes that:
    • Have excessive curl or twist
    • Are stuck together or damaged in any way
    • Have windows, holes, perforations, cutouts, or embossing
    • Have metal clasps, string ties, or folding bars
    • Have an interlocking design
    • Have postage stamps attached
    • Have any exposed adhesive when the flap is in the sealed or closed position
    • Have bent corners
    • Have rough, cockle, or laid finishes
  • Adjust the width guides to fit the width of the envelopes.
  • Note:  A combination of high humidity (over 60%) and high printing temperature may wrinkle or seal envelopes.

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