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Lexmark MX511

Lexmark MX511

Creating an e-mail shortcut using the printer control panel

  1. From the home screen, navigate to:

    E-mail > Recipient(s) >  type the recipient’s e‑mail address > 

    Note:  To create a group of recipients, touch , and then type the next recipient’s e-mail address.

  2. Touch Subject >  type the e‑mail subject > .

  3. Touch Message >  type your message > .

  4. Adjust the e‑mail settings.

    Note:  If you change the settings after the e‑mail shortcut has been created, then the settings are not saved.

  5. Touch Save As Shortcut.

  6. Type a unique name for the shortcut, and then touch .

  7. Verify that the shortcut name is correct, and then touch OK.

    If the shortcut name is incorrect, then touch Cancel, and then reenter the information.


    • The shortcut name appears in the E-mail Shortcuts icon on the printer home screen.
    • You can use the shortcut when e‑mailing another document using the same settings.
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