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Lexmark MX511

Lexmark MX511

Send As

This option lets you set the output type for the scan image.

Select one of the following:

  • PDF—Use this to create a single file with multiple pages. This can be sent as a secured or compressed file.
  • TIFF—Use this to create multiple files or a single file. If Multi-page TIFF is turned off in the Settings menu of the Embedded Web Server, then TIFF saves one page in each file. The file size is usually larger than an equivalent JPEG.
  • JPEG—Use this to create and attach a separate file for each page of your original document.
  • XPS—Use this to create a single XPS file with multiple pages.
  • RTF—Use this to create a file in editable format.
  • TXT—Use this to create an ASCII text file with no formatting.
  • Note:  To use the RTF or TXT option, purchase and install the AccuRead™ OCR solution.

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