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Lexmark MX511

Lexmark MX511

Sending a fax using the computer

    For Windows users

  1. From the document that you are trying to fax, open the Print dialog.

  2. Select the printer, and then click Properties, Preferences, Options, or Setup.

  3. Click Fax > Enable fax, and then enter the recipient fax number or numbers.

  4. If necessary, configure other fax settings.

  5. Apply the changes, and then send the fax job.

  6. Notes:

    • The fax option is available only with the PostScript® driver or the Universal Fax Driver. For more information, go to
    • To use the fax option with the PostScript driver, configure and enable it in the Configuration tab.

    For Macintosh users

  1. With a document open, choose File > Print.

  2. Select the printer.

  3. Enter the recipient fax number, and then configure other fax settings, if necessary.

  4. Send the fax job.

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