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Lexmark MS818

Lexmark MS818

Restoring factory default settings

If you want to keep a list of the current menu settings for reference, then print a menu settings page before restoring the factory default settings. For more information, see Printing a menu settings page.

If you want a more comprehensive method of restoring the printer factory default settings, then perform the Wipe All Settings option. For more information, see Erasing non‑volatile memory.

Warning—Potential Damage:  Restoring factory defaults returns most printer settings to the original factory default settings. Exceptions include the display language, custom sizes and messages, and network/port menu settings. All downloads stored in the RAM are deleted. Downloads stored in the flash memory or in a printer hard disk are not affected.

From the home screen, navigate to:

  > Settings  > General Settings  > Factory Defaults  > Restore Now  > 

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