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Lexmark MS812dn / MS812dtn

Lexmark MS812dn / MS812dtn

Restoring factory default settings

If you want to keep a list of the current menu settings for reference, then print a menu settings page before restoring the factory default settings. For more information, see Printing a menu settings page.

If you want a more comprehensive method of restoring the printer factory default settings, then perform the Wipe All Settings option. For more information, see Erasing non‑volatile memory.

Warning—Potential Damage:  Restoring factory defaults returns most printer settings to the original factory default settings. Exceptions include the display language, custom sizes and messages, and network/port menu settings. All downloads stored in the RAM are deleted. Downloads stored in the flash memory or in the printer hard disk are not affected.

From the printer control panel, navigate to:

 > Settings >  > Settings >  > General Settings >  > Factory Defaults >  > Restore Now > 

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