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Lexmark MS812dn / MS812dtn

Lexmark MS812dn / MS812dtn

SMTP Setup menu


    Primary SMTP Gateway

Specify SMTP server gateway and port information.

Note:  25 is the default SMTP gateway port.

    Primary SMTP Gateway Port

    Secondary SMTP Gateway

    Secondary SMTP Gateway Port

    SMTP Timeout

  • 5–30

Specify the amount of time in seconds before the server stops trying to send an e‑mail.

Note:  30 is the factory default setting.

    Reply Address

Specify a reply address of up to 128 characters in the e-mail sent by the printer.

    Use SSL

  • Disabled
  • Negotiate
  • Required

Set the printer to use SSL for increased security when connecting to the SMTP server.


  • Disabled is the factory default setting.
  • When the Negotiate setting is used, the SMTP server determines if SSL will be used.

    SMTP Server Authentication

  • No authentication required
  • Login/Plain
  • CRAM‑MD5
  • Digest‑MD5
  • NTLM
  • Kerberos 5

Specify the type of user authentication required for printing privileges.

Note:  “No authentication required” is the factory default setting.

    Device‑Initiated E‑mail

  • None
  • Use Device SMTP Credentials

Specify what credentials will be used when communicating to the SMTP server. Some SMTP servers require credentials to send an e-mail.


  • None is the factory default setting for Device‑Initiated E‑mail and User‑Initiated E‑mail.
  • Device Userid and Device Password are used to log in to the SMTP server when Use Device SMTP Credentials is selected.
  • User‑Initiated E‑mail, Kerberos 5 Realm, and NTLM Domain appear only in touch‑screen printer models.

    User‑Initiated E‑mail

  • None
  • Use Device SMTP Credentials
  • Use Session User ID & Password
  • Use Session E‑mail address & Password
  • Prompt User

    Device Userid

    Device Password

    Kerberos 5 Realm

    NTLM Domain

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