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Lexmark MX811

Lexmark MX811

Conserving supplies

Use both sides of the paper

If your printer model supports two‑sided printing, then you can control whether print appears on one or two sides of the paper.


  • Two-sided printing is the default setting in the print driver.
  • For a complete list of supported products and countries, go to

Place multiple pages on one sheet of paper

You can print up to 16 consecutive pages of a multiple‑page document onto one side of a single sheet of paper by setting multiple page printing (N‑Up) for the print job.

Check your first draft for accuracy

Before printing or making multiple copies of a document:

  • Use the preview feature to see how the document looks like before you print it.
  • Print one copy of the document to check its content and format for accuracy.

Avoid paper jams

Correctly set the paper type and size to avoid paper jams. For more information, see Avoiding jams.

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