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Lexmark MX811

Lexmark MX811

Adding e-mail subject and message information

  1. Load an original document faceup, short edge first into the ADF tray or facedown on the scanner glass.


    • Do not load postcards, photos, small items, transparencies, photo paper, or thin media (such as magazine clippings) into the ADF tray. Place these items on the scanner glass.
    • The ADF indicator light comes on when the paper is loaded properly.
  2. If you are loading a document into the ADF tray, then adjust the paper guides.

  3. From the home screen, navigate to:

    E-mail > Recipient(s) >  type the e‑mail address > Done

  4. Touch Subject, then type the e‑mail subject, and then touch Done.

  5. Touch Message, then type your message, and then touch Done.

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