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Lexmark MS310

Lexmark MS310

Using the Embedded Web Server

Note:  This functionality is available only in network printers or printers connected to print servers.

Use the Embedded Web Server to:

  • Check the status of the printer supplies.
  • Configure supply notifications.
  • Configure printer settings.
  • Configure network settings.
  • View reports.

    To access the Embedded Web Server for your printer:

  1. Obtain the printer IP address by printing a network setup page or menu settings page, and then finding the TCP/IP section.

    For more information, see Printing a menu settings and network setup page.


    • An IP address appears as four sets of numbers separated by periods, such as
    • If you are using a proxy server, then temporarily disable it to load the Web page correctly.
  2. Open a Web browser, and then type the printer IP address in the address field.

  3. Press Enter.

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