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Lexmark MS410

Lexmark MS410

Selecting a location for the printer

When selecting a location for the printer, leave enough room to open trays, covers, and doors. If you plan to install any hardware options, then leave enough room for them also. It is important to:

  • Set up the printer near a properly grounded and easily accessible electrical outlet.
  • Make sure airflow in the room meets the latest revision of the ASHRAE 62 standard or the CEN Technical Committee 156 standard.
  • Provide a flat, sturdy, and stable surface.
  • Keep the printer:
    • Clean, dry, and free of dust.
    • Away from stray staples and paper clips.
    • Away from the direct airflow of air conditioners, heaters, or ventilators.
    • Free from direct sunlight and humidity extremes.
  • Observe the recommended temperatures and avoid fluctuations.
  • Ambient temperature

    16 to 32°C (60 to 90°F)

    Storage temperature

    ‑20 to 40°C (‑4 to 104°F)
  • Allow the following recommended amount of space around the printer for proper ventilation:
  • 1

    Right side

    110 mm (4.33 in.)



    305 mm (12 in.)


    Left side

    65 mm (2.56 in.)



    100 mm (3.94 in.)



    305 mm (12 in.)
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