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Lexmark MS410

IPv6 menu

To access the menu, navigate to any of the following:

  • Network/Ports > Standard Network > Standard Network Setup > IPv6
  • Network/Ports > Network  [x] > Network  [x] Setup > IPv6

Note:  This menu is available only in network printers or printers connected to print servers.


* These settings can be changed only from the Embedded Web Server.

    Enable IPv6

  • On
  • Off

Enable Internet Protocol Version Six (IPv6) in the printer.

IPv6 uses bigger numbers to create IP addresses.

Note:  On is the factory default setting.

    Auto Configuration

  • On
  • Off

Specify whether or not the network adapter accepts the automatic IPv6 address configuration entries provided by a router.

Note:  On is the factory default setting.

    Set Hostname*

Set the host name.

Note:  The host name is limited to 15 characters, and accepts US‑ASCII, alphanumeric characters and hyphen only.

    View Address*

View the current IPv6 addresses.

    View Router Address*

View the current router address.

    Enable DHCPv6

  • On
  • Off

Enable DHCPv6 in the printer.

Note:  On is the factory default setting.