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Lexmark MS410

Lexmark MS410

Replace unsupported imaging unit [32.xy]

Remove the imaging unit, and then install a supported one to clear the message and continue printing. For more information, see the instruction sheet that came with the supply.

This error can also be caused by installing a genuine Lexmark imaging unit, such as a MICR unit, that is not intended to be used in this product.

    The following error codes indicate that a non‑genuine Lexmark imaging unit is installed:

  • 32.14
  • 32.17
  • 32.20
  • 32.23
  • 32.26
  • 32.29
  • 32.32
  • 32.35
  • 32.38

For more information, see Using genuine Lexmark parts and supplies.

Note:  If you do not have a replacement imaging unit, then see the “Ordering supplies” section or go to

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