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Lexmark MS410

Lexmark MS410

Before moving the printer

CAUTION—POTENTIAL INJURY:  Before moving the printer, follow these guidelines to avoid personal injury or printer damage:

  • Turn the printer off using the power switch, and then unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.
  • Disconnect all cords and cables from the printer before moving it.
  • If an optional tray is installed, then remove it from the printer. To remove the optional tray, slide the latch on the right side of the tray toward the front of the tray until it clicks into place.
  • Use the handholds located on both sides of the printer to lift it.
  • Make sure your fingers are not under the printer when you set it down.
  • Before setting up the printer, make sure there is adequate clearance around it.

Use only the power cord provided with this product or the manufacturer's authorized replacement.

Warning—Potential Damage:  Damage to the printer caused by improper moving is not covered by the printer warranty.

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