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Lexmark MX611

Lexmark MX611

Tips on using card stock

Card stock is heavy, single‑ply specialty media. Many of its variable characteristics, such as moisture content, thickness, and texture, can significantly impact print quality. Print samples on the card stock being considered for use before buying large quantities.

  • From the Paper menu, set the Paper Type to Card Stock.
  • Select the appropriate Paper Texture setting.
  • Be aware that preprinting, perforation, and creasing may significantly affect the print quality and cause jams or other paper handling problems.
  • Check with the manufacturer or vendor to ensure the card stock can withstand temperatures up to 220°C (446°F) without releasing hazardous emissions.
  • Do not use preprinted card stock manufactured with chemicals that may contaminate the printer. Preprinting introduces semi‑liquid and volatile components into the printer.
  • Use grain short card stock when possible.
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