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Lexmark MX611

Lexmark MX611

Set Date/Time menu


    Current Date and Time

View the current date and time settings for the printer.

    Manually Set Date and Time

Enter the date and time.

Note:  Date/Time is set in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format.

    Time Zone

Select the time zone.

Note:  GMT is the factory default setting.

    Automatically Observe DST

  • On
  • Off

Set the printer to use the applicable daylight saving time (DST) start and end times associated with the printer Time Zone setting.

Note:  On is the factory default setting and uses the applicable Daylight Saving Time associated with the Time Zone setting.

    Custom Time Zone Setup

  • DST Start Week
  • DST Start Day
  • DST Start Month
  • DST Start Time
  • DST End Week
  • DST End Day
  • DST End Month
  • DST End Time
  • DST Offset

Enable the user to set up the time zone.

    Enable NTP

  • On
  • Off

Enable Network Time Protocol, which synchronizes the clocks of devices on a network.

Note:  On is the factory default setting.

    NTP Server

View the NTP server address.

    Enable Authentication

  • On
  • Off

Change the authentication setting to On or Off.

Note:  Off is the factory default setting.

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