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Lexmark CX510

Lexmark CX510

Using the advanced options

Select from the following settings:

  • Adjust ADF Skew—This option lets you straighten scanned images that are slightly skewed when received from the ADF tray.
  • Advanced Imaging—This adjusts the Background Removal, Color Balance, Color Dropout, Contrast, Mirror Image, Negative Image, Scan Edge to Edge, Shadow Detail, Sharpness, and Temperature settings before you fax the document.
  • Custom Job—This combines multiple scanning jobs into a single job.
  • Note:  This option appears only when a formatted, working printer hard disk is installed.

  • Edge Erase—This removes smudges or marks around the edges of a document. You can choose to remove an equal area around all four sides of the paper, or pick a particular edge. Edge Erase erases whatever is within the area selected, leaving nothing on that portion of the scan.
  • Transmission Log—This prints the transmission log or transmission error log.
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