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Lexmark CX317

Lexmark CX317

Replacing the waste toner bottle


Top door


Waste toner bottle


Right side cover


Front door

  1. Unpack the replacement waste toner bottle.

  2. Open the front door.

    CAUTION—HOT SURFACE:  The inside of the printer might be hot. To reduce the risk of injury from a hot component, allow the surface to cool before touching.

  3. Open the top door.

  4. Remove the right side cover.

  5. Press the green levers on each side of the waste toner bottle, and then remove the waste toner bottle.

  6. Seal the used waste toner bottle in the enclosed packaging.

    For more information, see Recycling Lexmark products.

  7. Insert the replacement waste toner bottle.

  8. Insert the right side cover.

  9. Slide and hold the release latch on the right side of the printer, and then slowly close the top door.

  10. Close the front door.

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