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Lexmark MX710

Sending a fax using the computer

    For Windows users

  1. With a document open, click File > Print.

  2. Select the printer, and then click Properties, Preferences, Options, or Setup.

  3. Click Fax > Enable fax, and then enter the recipient fax number or numbers.

  4. If necessary, configure other fax settings.

  5. Apply the changes, and then send the fax job.

  6. Notes:

    • The fax option is available only with the PostScript driver or the Universal Fax Driver. For more information, go to
    • To use the fax option with the PostScript driver, configure and enable it in the Configuration tab.

    For Macintosh users

  1. With a document open, choose File > Print.

  2. Select the printer.

  3. Enter the recipient fax number, and then configure other fax settings, if necessary.

  4. Send the fax job.

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