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Lexmark M1242

Lexmark M1242

Connecting the printer to a Wi‑Fi network

    Using the control panel

  1. From the control panel, navigate to:

     > Network/Ports >  > Wireless >  > Setup On Printer Panel > 

  2. Follow the instructions on the display.

  3. Note:  For Wi‑Fi‑network‑ready printer models, a prompt for Wi‑Fi network setup appears during initial setup.

    Using Lexmark Mobile Assistant

  1. Depending on your mobile device, download the Lexmark Mobile Assistant application from either the Google Play™ store or App Store online store.

  2. From the control panel, navigate to:

     > Network/Ports >  > Wireless >  > Setup Using Mobile App >  > Continue for Printer ID > 

  3. From your mobile device, launch the application, and then accept the Terms of Use.

  4. Grant permissions.

  5. Tap Start Wi-Fi Setup, and then select the printer.

  6. Select a Wi-Fi network, and then enter your credentials.

  7. Tap Finish Wi-Fi Setup.

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