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Assigning events to printers

    Assigning events to printers lets MVE perform the associated action whenever one of the associated alerts occurs on the assigned printer. For more information on creating events, see Managing printer alerts.

    Note:  Events can be assigned only to unsecured printers.

  1. From the Printers menu, click Printer Listing.

  2. Select one or more printers.

  3. Click Assign > Events.

  4. Select one or more events.

    Note:  If some of the selected printers already have the event assigned to them, then a dash in the check box appears. If you leave it as a dash, then the event does not change. If you select the check box, then the event is assigned to all the selected printers. If you clear the check box, then the event is unassigned from the printers it was previously assigned to.

  5. Click Assign Events.

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