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Markvision Enterprise

Markvision Enterprise

Updating the printer firmware

  1. From the Printers menu, click Printer Listing.

  2. Select one or more printers.

  3. Click Configure > Update firmware to printers.

  4. Select a firmware file from the resource library, or click Choose File, and then browse to the firmware file.

    Note:  For more information on adding firmware files to the library, see Importing files to the resource library.

  5. If necessary, to schedule the update, select Define update window, and then select the start date, start and pause time, and days of the week.

    Note:  The firmware is sent to the printers within the specified start time and pause time. The task is paused after the pause time, and then resumes at the next start time until it is completed.

  6. Click Update Firmware.

Note:  For MVE to update the printer firmware, the Firmware Updates function access control must be set to No Security. If security is applied, then the Firmware Updates function access control must use the same security template as the Remote Management function access control. In this case, MVE must manage the printer securely. For more information, see Securing printer communications.

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