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Markvision Enterprise

Markvision Enterprise

Understanding user roles

MVE users can be assigned to one or more roles. Depending on the role, users can perform the following tasks:

  • Admin—Access and perform tasks in all menus. They also have administrative privileges, such as adding users to the system or configuring the system settings. Only users with an Admin role can stop any running task no matter what user type started it.
  • Printers
    • Manage discovery profiles.
    • Set the printer states.
    • Perform an audit.
    • Manage categories and keywords.
    • Schedule an audit, data export, and printer discovery.
  • Configurations
    • Manage configurations, including importing and exporting configuration files.
    • Upload files to the resource library.
    • Assign and enforce configurations to printers.
    • Schedule a conformance check and configurations enforcement.
    • Deploy files to printers.
    • Update the printer firmware.
    • Generate printer certificate signing requests.
    • Download printer certificate signing requests.
  • Event Manager
    • Manage actions and events.
    • Assign events to printers.
    • Test actions.
  • Service Desk
    • Update the printer status.
    • Reboot printers.
    • Run a conformance check.
    • Enforce configurations to printers.


  • All users in MVE can view the printer information page, and manage saved searches and views.
  • For more information on assigning user roles, see Managing users.
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