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Markvision Enterprise

Best practices

    This topic outlines the recommended steps to use MVE in managing your fleet effectively.

  1. Install MVE in your environment.

    1. Create a server using the latest Windows Server environment.

    2. Create a domain user account that does not have administrator access.

    3. Create a Microsoft SQL Server database, set up encryption, and then give the new user account access to the databases.

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    4. Install MVE using the domain user account and the SQL server with Windows Authentication.

  2. Set up MVE, and then discover and organize your fleet.

    1. Sign the server certificate.

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    2. Set up the LDAP settings.

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    3. Connect to an e‑mail server.

    4. Discover your fleet.

    5. Schedule audits and status updates.

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    6. Set up basic settings, such as contact names, locations, asset tags, and time zones.

    7. Organize your fleet. Use keywords, such as locations, to categorize the printers.

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  3. Secure your fleet.

    1. Secure printer access using the default advanced security components.

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    2. Create a secured configuration that includes certificates.

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    3. Enforce the configuration on your current fleet.

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    4. Schedule enforcements and conformance checks.

    5. Add configurations to discovery profiles to secure new printers.

    6. Sign printer certificates.

  4. Keep your firmware up to date.

  5. Install and configure applications.

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  6. Monitor your fleet.

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