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Markvision Enterprise

Markvision Enterprise

Managing views

    The Views feature lets you customize the information that is shown in the printer listing page.

  1. From the Printers menu, click Views.

  2. Do any of the following:

      Create a view

    1. Click Create.

    2. Type a unique name for the view and its description.

    3. From the View Columns section, in the Column 1 menu, select the identifier column.

    4. From the Possible columns section, expand a category, select the information that you want to show as a column, and then click >.

      • Capabilities —Shows whether the selected features are supported on the printer.
      • Certificate —Shows the printer certificate creation date, enrolment status, expiration date, renewal date, revision number, certificate subject, validity, and signing status.
      • Configuration Information —Shows configuration-related printer information, such as conformance, configuration name, and state.
      • Dates —Shows the last audit, last conformance check, last discovery, and the date the printer was added to the system.
      • Events —Shows event-related printer information.
      • Firmware —Shows firmware‑related information, such as the firmware version.
      • Identification —Shows information about the printer, such as the IP address, host name, and serial number.
      • Input Options —Shows information about the input options, such as the tray size and media type.
      • Options —Shows information about the printer options, such as hard disk and flash drive.
      • Printer Statistics —Shows information about the printer usage, such as the number of printed or scanned pages, and total number of faxed jobs.
      • Solutions —Shows the eSF applications installed on the printer, and their version numbers.
      • Status —Show the printer and supplies status.
      • Supplies —Shows supplies‑related information.
    5. Click Create View.

      Edit a view

    1. Select a view.

    2. Click Edit, and then edit the settings.

    3. Click Save Changes.

      Copy a view

    1. Select a view.

    2. Click Copy, and then configure the settings.

    3. Click Create View.

      Delete views

    1. Select one or more views.

    2. Click Delete, and then confirm deletion.

      Set a default view

    1. Select a view.

    2. Click Set As Default.

The following views are system‑generated, and cannot be edited or deleted:

  • Configuration
  • Printer List
  • Event
  • Security
  • Service Desk
  • Standard
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