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Markvision Enterprise

Sample scenario: Monitoring the toner levels of your fleet

As the IT personnel of Company ABC, you must organize the printer fleet to monitor them easily. You want to monitor the toner usage of the printers to determine whether the supplies need replacement.

    Sample implementation

  1. Create a saved search that retrieves the printers whose supplies have errors or warnings.

      Sample rule for your saved search

    • Parameter: Supply Status Severity
    • Operation: Is Not
    • Value: Supplies OK
  2. Create a view that shows the supply status, capacity, and level for each printer.

      Sample columns to show in your supplies view

    • Supply Status
    • Black Cartridge Capacity
    • Black Cartridge Level
    • Cyan Cartridge Capacity
    • Cyan Cartridge Level
    • Magenta Cartridge Capacity
    • Magenta Cartridge Level
    • Yellow Cartridge Capacity
    • Yellow Cartridge Level
  3. Run the saved search while using the view.

    Note:  The information shown in the printer listing view is based on the last audit. Perform an audit and status update to get the current printer status.

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