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Understanding variable settings

Variable settings let you manage settings across your fleet that are unique to each printer, such as host name or asset tag. When creating or editing a configuration, you can select a CSV file to be associated with the configuration.

Sample CSV format:

IP_ADDRESS,Contact_Name,Address,Disp_Info,John Doe,1600 Penn. Ave., Blue,Jane Doe,1601 Penn. Ave., Red,"Joe, Jane and Douglas",1601 Penn. Ave.,Yellow,"Joe, Jane and Douglas",1600 Penn. Ave.,He is 6’7” tall

In the header row of the variable file, the first column is a unique printer identifier token. The token must be one of the following:


Each subsequent column in the header row of the variable file is a user‑defined replacement token. This token must be referenced within the configuration using the ${HEADER} format. It is replaced with the values in the subsequent rows when the configuration is enforced. Make sure that the tokens do not contain any spaces.

You can import the CSV file containing the variable settings when creating or editing a configuration. For more information, see Creating a configuration.

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