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Markvision Enterprise

Markvision Enterprise

Creating an applications package

  1. Export the Printer List view from MVE using the Export Data feature.

    1. From the Printers menu, click Views.

    2. Select Printer List, and then click Export Data.

    3. Select a saved search.

    4. In the “Select file type for data export” menu, select CSV.

    5. Click Export Data.

  2. Access Package Builder.

      Note:  If you need access to Package Builder, then contact your Lexmark representative.

    1. Log in to Package Builder at

    2. Import the printer list, and then click Next.

    3. Type the package description, and then type your e‑mail address.

    4. In the Product menu, select the applications, and then if necessary, add licenses.

    5. Click Next > Finish. The package download link is sent to your e‑mail.

  3. Download the package.

  4. Notes:

    • MVE does not support deploying applications with trial licenses. You can deploy only free applications or applications with production licenses. If you need activation codes, then contact your Lexmark representative.
    • To add the applications to a configuration, import the applications package to the resource library. For more information, see Importing files to the resource library.
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